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Not saying women have it easy in this country but you should go to other countries like mex, India or Saudi Arabia and see what Happens there to the women they're more oppressed than you'll ever be.

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yes, yes they are. women are oppressed all over the world. that is the point. because we have relative privilege to live in a country that has murdered and occupied and colonized its way to the top doesnt make us privileged for being women. if you cant tell by radicalfeminists blogs including my own we prioritize women in positions of compounding oppression: poor women, lesbian women, women in developing countries, etc. that is called intersectionality. however all women are oppressed on the basis of sex and any other forms of privilege doesnt negate that. again, browse. learn.


I’m so sick of first world women being compared to third world women on this issue. We are half the population of first world countries and there is no reason to not to compare us to the rest - does the female infanticide somehow justice that women in the first world countries still get treated unfairly because they’re female? It’s backwards logic that’s goal is to silence women, put them into their place. “They should be grateful.” As a first world citizen, I am. As a woman, I’m not.

People often talk about the abuses endured by women and children in the sex trade and pornography as the price of a free society, implying that the lives of these people are a tragic but necessary sacrifice if we are to avoid totalitarianism, censorship and so on. My first reaction is always one of stunned outrage — it is so very evident that the people making the sad preachments about necessary sacrifices are never the ones who are being sacrificed, and the freedom about which they have such tender and righteous feelings does not extend to those who are enslaved to ensure it.
D. A. Clarke, Unleashing Feminism (via witch-hag)


Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men


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"He doesn’t mean to hurt me-he just loses control."
“He can be sweet and gentle.”
“He’s scared me a few times, but he never hurts the children-he’s a great father.”
“He’s had a really…

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What are your opinions about the beauty industry? I'm scared you might be mad and say "WHAT DO YOU THINK" but I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to really explain.... I'm still a baby in lib/radfem.... REALLY REALLY baby... I'm sorry if it's an inconvienice, you don't have to answer

omg i apologize if i came off that way, i only replied w ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK’ to a 50 shades of grey question i think bc im literally always reblogging anti bdsm/kink critical stuff and its like some of these ppl dont browse like AT LEAST THE FIRST PAGE of my blog before asking lol.
first off, im so elated to hear about your transition into radical feminism :) the beauty industry is an industry that capitalizes off of oppressive/socially constructed standards of beauty which are a part of compulsory femininity. it has a direct relationship with media that tells women and men how women are supposed to look like..leading to an internalization of self objectification, the male gaze, etc. these socially constructed oppressive beauty standards are fatphobic, ableist, white supremacist, etc. and the beauty industry and its direct relationship w the media to promote these new standards (they are constantly evolving, they make up new ideals to impose on women to then sell the tools that we ‘need’ to reach that ideal - thats actually how shaving began for women, the beauty industry wanted to make more money selling razors to a new demographic, women) directly effects women significantly psychologically, these beauty standards/self objectification have correlation to depression, eating disorders, etc. you can learn sooo much about this in the documentary called Killing Us Softly which you can watch on youtube.
its also important to note that altho the beauty industry and its practices seems to be carried out by women (ie spokeswomen, models, etc) and associated w women it is actually an industry run by men, primarily gay men, which you can read more about in the book Beauty & Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys.
Makeup and shaving as part of compulsory femininity is part of how we must present ourselves to cater to the male gaze and the idea that we exist to be seen and not heard, that we are decorative objects, and it is a direct part of our socialization into submission. we spend hours and thousands of dollars on manipulating/mutilating ourselves to fit an arbitrary standard and when we dont fit into this standard we face significant danger - women literally wont be hired or are fired or considered unprofessional when were not ‘made up’. this instills the idea that we are not acceptable as is. and the beauty industry is responsible for this. it exploits and abuses us psychologically. its shit.
check out my tagged /beauty standards, /compulsory femininity, and /beauty industry for more